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Jasmin Bailey is currently working on an upcoming album that portrays her experience of caring for her father who suffered from Alzheimer's and Dementia.  The album is titled (Remember Me) and is dedicated to all of the loving caregivers who continue to do their best.  It is especially dedicated to the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto who was a beacon and a helping hand until the very end. Jasmin hopes to inspire other musicians, artist, and well-wishers to join the cause in whatever way is possible.  For more information on the Alzheimer's Society, the support they offer and how you can participate, please visit  

Latest Track

(Swing Me) is the first song from the album (Remember Me) 


You swing me

Into my darkest hour

Unfortunately, we sway

From blooming to fading flowers

You don’t mean to be mean, I was your star

Oh if you only knew

That you swing me

You swing me

You swing me


Well you swing me

As we stand alone in a mist

The situation is so lonely

To each other, we seize to exist

I live to serve as you have spent your life

So many times before

So you swing me

You swing me

You swing me



My day is never done

For you are always on my list

I tiredly comply

You close your eyes and sigh

In your frustration


A finer day and life

Would be when you and I

Were back in time

When delirium was just for fun

And we were gay



And when you looked at me

And you could say the words

You’d wanna say

I wish those memories

That filled our minds

Were here today

Would never leave

They’ve gone away

So won’t you please?

Swing me

That’s how you swing me......



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