Richard Uglow

Richard first started playing classical piano when he was seven. Although he always loved playing, he didn't take it seriously until he started studying jazz with Ted Moses when he was a teenager. Ted also mentored Richard in the skills of composition and arranging. He made his first $100.00 from music while in high school by receiving an award at the Canadian Stage Band Festival for a composition he wrote for the school jazz combo. He has now been playing and recording music professionally for 30 years. At 19 Richard started playing in professional bands around Toronto, most of which played R’n’B and top 40 music. Over the last two decades, he has played and/or recorded with a number of artists including Hell + High Water, The Mighty Pope, Jane Child, 3 plus 3, Morris Albert, Errol Star, Joe Johnson, J. Douglas. 

These days Richard is performing with his wife, Jasmin Bailey: Nati Haile (Ethiopian pop singer) Little Peter and the Elegants In his early 20’s Richard got involved in Toronto’s studio scene working almost exclusively at Studio 92 with 100’s of independent acts as an engineer, producer-composer and player. For the past 7 years, Richard has been working out of his home studio. Some recent projects have been:
1) Orchestrating and co-producing and playing all the instruments for the musical “Pigment” by Stephen Geddes  
2) Co-writing, Producing, and playing all instruments of “The Funkin Art Souls
3) Recording Karen Jewels!/artists/Karen-Jewels
4) Composing the song Perfect Day with Grenville Pinto


Richard Uglow projects.